• Age 21
  • Height 183
  • Weight 51
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Brown
  • Dress 2.4
  • Bust 78
  • Waist 58
  • Hips 86
  • Shoe 7.5
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  • 0-800-123-1234


Training in this profession is not easy. It can take months before a model is able to attend to a call without being nervous or fidgeting. Some even develop insomnia during such sessions. All these factors lead to the growth of frustration and lack of interest in the profession. The ultimate consequence of this is that the models tend to neglect their physical health.

This profession requires a lot of dedication. It cannot be handled by one’s self. Models need to be very organized as well as very dedicated to their work. They should never miss any call, especially when it comes to shooting. A model can only benefit from this if she knows she has someone who is willing to be with her throughout the shoot.

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