• Age 20
  • Height 183
  • Weight 51
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Brown
  • Dress 2.4
  • Bust 78
  • Waist 58
  • Hips 86
  • Shoe 7.5
  • aadya_
  • aadya_
  • aadya_-_
  • 0-800-123-1234


Inaaya escort models have to be responsible with their health and well-being. If they neglect their health, they could face accidents and diseases that could compromise their lives. A model has to go through a rigorous training process that lasts for months at a time. They must be prepared for any emergency that may arise. There are different health requirements of different types of models, so it is important to know the requirements of the profession before considering this as a career.

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